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“And now what do I do?”
“What is the objective of this meeting?”
“I don’t know where Michel has got to!”

56% of meetings are inefficient

Managers spend more than one day per week in meetings.
32% have fallen asleep in a meeting.
Only 46% said that they take notes in meetings.
Sources : Ifop et Opinion Way


A project manager spends more than 60% of their time following up tasks

Source: Mc Kinsey
TAMPLO centralises all of your minutes, action plans and decision records in one place online.

Are you setting up remote working in your organisation or are you looking to develop it?!

It is easy to connect all of your remote workers with TAMPLO.

Empower your colleagues, acknowledge them, motivate them and reduce presenteeism!

TAMPLO is connected to all of your current tools
(Outlook, Microsoft TEAMS, Google Calendar)

Do you need to integrate TAMPLO into your own information system or ERP?