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The following paragraphs apply to the use of the TAMPLO service accessible from and Microsoft TEAMS. They outline the conditions of subscription to the application TAMPLO from the company ITYSS, these conditions must be accepted in order use the service. The following terms are available at any time on the website ( They apply and prevail over any other information that may feature on client documents




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In accordance with the law 78-17 of the 6th January 1978 (Modified by the law 2004-801 of the 6th August 2004) corresponding to computing, files and liberties, the website is subject to the declaration with the National Computing and Liberties Commission (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés). CNIL Declaration Number: 2035206.


By applying this law, the users have the right to access, rectify, modify and deletion of any personal data. This right may be exercised by mail to ITYSS. (59 allées Jean Jaurès CS21531, 31015 Toulouse Cedex 6 – France) or by email at the following address:


Your personal data is confidential and will not be communicated to any third-party under any circumstances except for proper execution of the service.


ITYSS owns the intellectual property of the site, its contents and the application. Their use under these terms and conditions does not imply any transfer of rights of the intellectual property to the user for their benefit. Providing the present terms and conditions are respected, ITYSS gives consent to the subscribers and users a right to access the service which is non-transferable and non-exclusive, it does not grant them sub-license rights. Each user commits to not carrying out any procedures aimed to copy the application.

All content of the website including, the graphics, images, text, videos, animations, sounds, logos, GIFs and icons as well as their formatting is exclusively the property of the company ITYSS except for brands, logos or content belonging to other partner companies or authors. All reproduction, distribution, modification, adaptation, retransmission or publication, even partial, of these different elements is strictly forbidden without a written agreement from ITYSS.


The information on this website is as precise as possible and the website is periodically updated. However, ITYSS cannot guarantee the accuracy and updates of the content of the website. If you find a weaknesses, error or malfunction, please report it by email with a description of the problem that is as precise as possible.


COOKIES ITYSS may use cookies for data collection concerning the use of the site. You have the option to accept or refuse the cookies however some features of the website cannot function if the cookies are refused.


The users can communicate with the company ITYSS via email for support in the use of TAMPLO.

The company ITYSS will respond to the user within 24 hours.


When signing up the subscriber commits to giving correct, complete and honest information when subscribing. The application requires a username and password; these must be kept secret. The subscriber is responsible for using the site, the application and all activities that are carried out on the account. ITYSS takes no responsibility for any content that is downloaded and processed by the subscriber and their users. The subscriber commits to using the service sensibly and in conformity with the law and commits to using the service for exclusively personnel use and not commercially. Each user commits to not use any procedures that may perturb the proper operation of the site or the application.

The subscriber is entirely responsible for the users that they authorise access to the service.

ITYSS ensures that reasonable measures are in place to provide a service that is available at all times via the internet and will carry out all useful maintenance operations to protect the integrity of the data. ITYSS is not responsible for interruptions of the service that occur in this context and is not responsible for any unavailability of internet connection of the subscriber, the users or the network.

In the case of a major default which prevents the use of the service, ITYSS commits to carrying out all reasonable measures to remedy the problem as soon as possible. Under no circumstances is ITYSS responsible for any direct or indirect losses nor any third-party appeals caused by a failure in the service. The responsibility of ITYSS is limited to the amount paid for the use of the service for the six months prior to the claim.


The information and documents of any kind that are accessible during the subscription are strictly confidential. This confidentiality obligation continues after termination of the subscription.

In conformity with the law 78-17 of 6th January 1978 modified by the law 2004, the subscriber and the users of the service have the right to access their personal data, they have the right to rectify or correct this data or delete any data that is incomplete, ambiguous, non-applicable or obsolete. They also have the right to refuse the treatment of their data for any reasons that are deemed legitimate.

TAMPLO complies with the GDPR. In the context of commercial development and customer support, only the following data may be used by ITYSS and / or its partners acting on its behalf:

First name, last name, email and phone number.

Other data entered by TAMPLO users cannot be used by ITYSS and / or transferred to a third party.

ITYSS takes no responsibility for any health-related data that is inputted into TAMPLO. ITYSS is not an authorized heath data host.

All data hosted on TAMPLO is available online for five years. It will be then archived and accessible upon request.

For any further information regarding data management (right of erasure and access, data portability…), please contact our Data Protection Officer by email using the following email:


The subscription contract and the present terms and conditions are regulated by French law. All disputes of the interpretation or execution of the terms and conditions aim to be resolved amicably by conventional mediation or any other alternative to resolve the disagreement. The request for an amicable settlement will be sent in the form of a registered letter with a signature on reception. Failing an amicable settlement, within a period of 45 days after the reception of the registered letter, the competent courts of jurisdiction and appeal of Paris will be called upon.