Collaborative task management is the way forward!

Assign and share clear action plans with your team. Get live updates on your project’s progress. All your accomplishments at your fingertips.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”


American author, political activist & lecturer


projects involve
6 persons or more


actions & tasks require collaborative


companies will use a digital collaboration
solution by 2020

Design your battle plan

No more action without assignee or deadline

We all need a little help sometimes: assign contributors to benefit from collective intelligence

Add details & files for a complete understanding of the requirements

Easily prioritise what your team or yourself need to address

360ºview on the work in progress

The assignee updates the action’s status and adds comments

Relevant managers get customisable notifications!

Multiple filters give global or zoomed visibility on all your progress

A complete set of layers to fit your organisation

Project milestones, actions, subtasks, day plan… all designed for your efficiency

Your team will feel at home using TAMPLO!

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